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Deltaville Boatyard Specialists Receive Comprehensive Antifouling Training

Antifouling Preparation and Painting Expert Holds Seminar at Deltaville Boatyard

Feb 20, 2015
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, Virginia — The paint, fiberglass, and carpentry specialists at Deltaville Boatyard received on-site training from John Cornette on February 19 in preparation for the upcoming season.  The AkzoNobel / International Paint LLC representative, subject matter expert, and sailing enthusiast demonstrated numerous surface preparation and proper product application techniques for steel, aluminum, and fiberglass substrates during the session.  Mr. Cornette also provided the team with technical details and explained the benefits of the full line of Interlux and AwlGrip products made specifically for both marine hulls and running gear.  Deltaville Boatyard will be receiving demonstrative samples of the newest antifouling preparation and painting products recently unveiled during the Miami International Boat Show in advance of their release courtesy of West Marine.
The antifouling preparation, painting, and product seminar was held as part of an ongoing training initiative instituted by the owner and operator of Deltaville Boatyard, Keith Ruse.

Deltaville Boatyard Announces the Hiring of Brian James Ankrom, PMP

Certified Project Management Professional Joins the Deltaville Boatyard Team

Feb 20, 2015
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, Virginia — Deltaville Boatyard, LLC announces the talent acquisition of Brian James Ankrom, PMP.   Many customers have already met or spoken with Brian since starting on February 2nd as Deltaville Boatyard’s new Administrative Assistant.

Brian is originally from Richmond, Virginia where he coordinated and managed document collection, processing, review, and production projects since 2001.  He now resides in Virginia’s Northern Neck with his wife and two children.  Brian earned a Baccalaureate in Recreation, Parks, and Sport Management from VCU in 2008 as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2013.  Brian is a member of the international Project Management Institute (PMI) as well as the local Central Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Washington, DC PMI chapters.   He is also member of numerous community and charitable organizations to which he devotes much of his time.

Deltaville Boatyard Training Seminars

Feb 05, 2015
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Keith Ruse, Owner of Deltaville Boatyard Presents: "Training in the use of Multimeters, Clamp on Ammeters and Infra Red Surface Pyrometers to Troubleshoot On-board Problems", to Kadey Krogen and Nordhavn Trawler Owners in Stuart, Fl.

Deltaville Boatyard and Cool Flow Mobile Service
Join TRAC Ecological Yacht Services Network

Aug 27, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) – TRAC Ecological has certified the Deltaville Boatyard in Deltaville, Virginia and the Cool Flow mobile marine heat exchanger service of Rockport, Massachusetts as the company’s newest yacht servicing dealers in the southern Chesapeake Bay region and the northeastern states of the US, respectively.

Deltaville Boatyard was recently voted the 2014 “Best Boatyard” in the southern Chesapeake Bay region by the readers of Chesapeake Bay magazine. The full-service yard is located on Jackson Creek at the Deltaville Marina, 37 32.941 N • 76 19.783 W.

Cool Flow offers dockside services on all types of marine engines and systems throughout the northeastern US. Owner Tom Beaton has over 30 years of experience as a marine technician.

Yacht servicing dealers certified by TRAC Ecological have been trained to professionally clean onboard internal water systems using TRAC Ecological’s Barnacle Buster®, a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable marine growth remover specifically formulated for cleaning seawater cooled equipment. With minimal dismantling required, Barnacle Buster can be safely re-circulated through seawater cooling systems, dissolving barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, lime & all other mineral deposits.

These deposits reduce water flow, which can significantly impact the performance of engine seawater and freshwater cooling systems, air conditioning & refrigeration condenser coils, seawater piping systems and sea chests, potable & drinking water systems, waste water piping & systems, heat exchangers, chillers, boilers and tanks.

Most services can be completed onboard within one to three days and in some cases, the equipment doesn't need to be taken offline while the cleaning process is underway.

Starr Pullman, Project Manager at Deltaville Boatyard, obtains ABYC Certification in Marine Systems

May 25, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, VA - Deltaville Boatyard is extremely proud to announce that Starr Pullman, Project Manager at Deltaville Boatyard, has recently obtained her Certification in Marine Systems offered by The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).   This is Starr’s first certification through ABYC.   

Starr’s devotion to her position and her dedication in obtaining this recent ABYC certification signifies that she possesses the commitment, knowledge, and technical experience necessary to continue to provide our customers with strategic recommendations and solutions in maintaining and repairing their vessel and to ensure she consistently continues to exceed our customer’s expectations and DBY’s high quality set of standards. 

Starr also holds certifications from Beneteau Sales and Technical Training and Customer Service Training from Rappahannock Community College (RCC). 

The American Boat and Yacht Council have been developing safety standards for the design, construction, equipage, repair and maintenance of boats for over sixty years. As an ABYC Standards Accredited yacht service facility, Deltaville Boatyard considers it critically important to cultivate a staff of experienced marine technicians who strive to achieve certification through ABYC.

Starr Pullman

Robert “Bobby” Stevenson, III of Deltaville Boatyard obtains
His Second ABYC Certification

May 20, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, VA - Deltaville Boatyard is proud to announce that Bobby Stevenson has recently obtained his certification in Marine Electrical offered by The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).   This is Bobby’s second certification through ABYC.  He previously received his Marine Systems Certification.  In less than 2 years with DBY, Bobby has aggressively demonstrated his desire to improve his technical skills and promote a positive work ethic which is a strong indication of his level of dedication and professionalism to his industry peers, DBY’s current and future customers.  Bobby is committed to achieve his ABYC Master Certification by the end of this year.

The American Boat and Yacht Council have been developing safety standards for the design, construction, equipage, repair and maintenance of boats for over sixty years. As an ABYC Standards Accredited yacht service facility, Deltaville Boatyard considers it critically important to cultivate a staff of experienced marine technicians who strive to achieve certification through ABYC. 

Deltaville Boatyard’s Neal Hoar, ABYC Master Technician, completes
Cruisair & Marine Air Combo Chiller Systems Service School.

April 15, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, VA – Deltaville Boatyard is pleased to announce that Neal Hoar recently completed the Cruisair & Marine Air Chiller Systems Service School hosted by Dometic Group in Ashland, VA.

Over a three day period, the classes covered the overview and operation, and troubleshooting of Cruisair and Marine Air brands of AC systems and chilled water systems.

The class and the hands on training gives Neal the ability to understand the concepts of the various products function and their purpose or intended applications. Neal is now certified to operate, maintain, and trouble-shoot air conditioning and refrigeration systems and is ready to apply his training at the boatyard.


Deltaville’s Keith Ruse elected as new President of the
Virginia Marine Trades Association.

March 17, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, VA – Keith Ruse, proprietor and president of Deltaville Boatyard and Marina, has been elected as the new President of the Virginia Marine Trades Association. VMTA is a non-profit trade association organized to promote and support Virginia’s recreational marine industry. The association is focused on returning value to its members through proactive legislative advocacy, education, and efficient communication.

The election of Keith as President of the VMTA proves that the community of Deltaville continues to have a strong presence and voice in local and statewide issues and will continue to make a positive impact in the marine industry. Deltaville’s Ernest Asaff is currently the Treasurer of the Association and prior to Keith’s election, Deltaville’s Carolyn Norton Schmalenberger held the position as President of the VMTA.

Keith Ruse brings more than 25 years of relevant industry experience to his new role. His results-oriented approach and ability to think strategically will play a key role in promoting awareness and continued growth of the VMTA and Deltaville.

ABYC Certified Master Technician, Stuart “Mack” McCreary, of
Deltaville Boatyard, Attains his 4th ABYC Certification

March 4, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, VA – Deltaville Boatyard is pleased to announce that Mack McCreary has attained his 4th certification by recently completing the Marine Electrical program offered by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) through Rappahannock Community College (RCC).

Mack previously completed the requirements and met the criteria established by the ABYC to be certified in the technical areas of ABYC Standards, Marine Systems, and Diesel Engines which earned him the designation of ABYC Certified Master Marine Technician.

This 4thABYC certification in Marine Electrical is a strong indication of Mack’s level of dedication and professionalism to his industry peers and our current and future customers. Mack is committed to continue to add value to Deltaville Boatyard and our customers by demonstrating a high level of competency in all areas of the marine industry. Participating in ABYC’s continuing education programs enables Deltaville Boatyard to continually improve the quality and professionalism of boat maintenance and repairs. “Our primary focus at Deltaville Boatyard is quality. In order to do this we encourage and support the professional development of our workforce,” commented Owner Keith Ruse. “ABYC’s training programs help increase the quality of our customer’s boating experience.”

For more information about ABYC’s Certification Program, please visit


Keith Ruse, Owner of Deltaville Boatyard, Lectures at a
2-day Technical Course for the Trawler Fest University in Lake Park, FL

March 4, 2014
Contact: Keith Ruse at 804-776-8900

Deltaville, VA –Keith Ruse, owner of Deltaville Boatyard, along with Steve D’Antonio, Marine Consulting, recently completed a 2 day lecture at the Trawler Fest University which took place prior to Passage Maker’s Trawler Fest held 2/27-3/1/14 in Lake Park, FL . The course was entitled “Essential Hands-On Technical Skills for Confident Cruising” and was designed to empower the participants with the skills needed to cruise safely and successfully.

The sold out course focused on enjoyable and safe cruising by teaching the participants a core set of on-board technical skills, including changing belts, raw-water pump impeller and fuel filters, as well as learning how to bleed air from a fuel system. The course gave the participants the chance to learn how to perform these and other critical tasks correctly by performing demonstrations, hands-on training, and interactive Q&A. All lecturing and training was in compliance with equipment manufacturer and ABYC guidelines.

Deltaville Boatyard is a full service yacht yard facility located on Jackson Creek in Deltaville, Virginia - just minutes from the Chesapeake Bay. For more information about Deltaville Boatyard please call 804-776-8900 or visit our website at For more information about ABYC’s Certification Program, please visit

Mack McCreary and Neal Hoar of Deltaville Boatyard attained
Certification for the Completion of the ABT-TRAC Technician’s Class.

Deltaville, VA – Deltaville Boatyard is proud to announce that two of our marine technicians, Mack McCreary and Neal Hoar, recently completed the ABT-TRAC Technician’s class held in Rohnert Park, CA.

Through participation in this class, our technicians learned design, how to read drawings, and how the system works. Also, through a live system in operation, our technicians trained on maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing thrusters, stabilizers, and hydraulics.

ABT-TRAC yacht stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and hydraulic systems are installed on the top yachts built by the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. Due to the increasing demand for these systems, Deltaville Boatyard considers it critically important for our technicians to have up-to-date and hands-on training to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

Deltaville Boatyard is an ABYC Standards Certified yacht repair facility located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay. For additional information on services offered visit us online at, or call 804-776-8900.

Deltaville Boatyard Employees attained Certification for the Completion of the Rappahannock Community College (RCC) Customer Service Training Course.

Deltaville, VA – Deltaville Boatyard is proud to announce that all of our employees recently completed the Rappahannock Community College, Workforce and Community Development, Customer Service Training course.

The course illustrated how to make every customer connection a positive one and how to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. The instructor, Harriet Dawson, demonstrated practical ways you can hold on to your valuable customer base and win repeat business simply by being customer service centered.

Deltaville Boatyard recognizes that business from your existing customer base is the best kind of business you can have. And the best way to ensure repeat business and to build a positive reputation is to treat your customer right. This course is just one more step towards enhancing our customer’s experience at our boatyard through responsiveness, effectiveness, and personalization.

Deltaville Boatyard is an ABYC Standards Certified yacht repair facility located in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay. For additional information on services offered visit us online at, or call 804-776-8900.

Steve D'Antonio and Keith Ruse Presenting Seminar at Trawler-Fest University in Baltimore, Maryland

Steve D’Antonio and Keith Ruse will be presenting an interactive seminar titled “Essential Hands-On Technical Skills for Confident Cruising” at Trawler-Fest in Baltimore, Maryland on September 24 and 25, 2013.  This seminar will focus on onboard technical skills that are essential knowledge while cruising. Emphasis will be placed on correct service and repair that complies with ABYC and manufacturer regulations. Topics will include:

  • Changing belts Raw water pump impellers
  • Fuel filters
  • Bleeding air from the fuel system
  • Heat exchanger inspection and service
  • Multimeter and basic electrical and wire termination
  • Review and use of essential tools
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • And more…

The course is hands-on, meaning participation is key and encouraged during the course. Steve D’Antonio and Keith Ruse would like participants to be interactive. All questions are fair game!

Deltaville Boatyard
Becomes Authorized Yacht Controller Sales and Service Center

Deltaville Boatyard has become a certified Yacht Controller sales and service center. Yacht Controller has created innovative wireless, remote control systems that allow boats to be docked without being at the helm. The newest model, Dual Band, allows for vessels to move forward, reverse, and lateral. The system works with bow thruster, stern thruster, port and starboard engines, and anchor winch - all completely through a small handheld remote.

Dual Band is intricate and requires specialized knowledge of engine, electrical, and other systems. Yacht Controller systems integrate directly into the vessel’s specific equipment; therefore, it does not bypass the safety features or cause interference. Technicians must be knowledgeable in all systems on each particular vessel and how they interact in order to successfully utilize the Yacht Controller System.

Deltaville Boatyard technicians are ABYC certified in addition to having direct vendor certifications. With this significant background and knowledge base, our technicians are qualified to install and service this unique, and exciting, equipment. ABYC technicians recently installed a Dual Band Yacht Controller model on a 53' Krogan Express. With the successful installation of this model and demonstration of their extensive knowledge base, Yacht Controller Systems has designated Deltaville Boatyard an Authorized Sales and Service Center.To see photographs and more information on Deltaville Boatyard's installation of the Dual Band model, please visit our website at and view the "Current Projects"  page. For more information on Yacht Controller systems, please visit


Deltaville Boatyard Voted in "Best of the Bay"

The votes have been tallied and the “Best of the Bay” results have been announced!

Deltaville Boatyard was ranked by customers and others in the boating industry in comparison to the top boatyards on the Chesapeake Bay. Our ABYC technicians ranked third in “Best Electronics Work” and the “Best Engine Work” categories. The biggest accomplishment, however, is Deltaville Boatyard was voted the number one “Best Boatyard” in the southern portion of the Chesapeake Bay.

Deltaville Marina was voted the third “Best Mom and Pop Marina” in comparison with some of the best marinas. Our own, Ed Peake, dockmaster of Deltaville Marina, was awarded the number one “Best Dockmaster” on the Southern Bay.

Deltaville Boatyard and Marina are very proud of our accomplishments as well as the hard work our employees put in year around to give our customers the best service possible. The technicians hold both ABYC and direct vendor certifications, our project managers ensure the highest quality service and communication, and our marina employees work diligently to ensure the marina has the highest quality facilities. Thank you to our customers and others in the boating industry who voted!

In addition, the town of Deltaville was voted for multiple categories as well, including: second best town for families, fourth best town for foodies, and fifth best 4th of July celebration. There were many other marinas, boatyards, restaurants, tackle shops, and repair facilities listed as well. Deltaville’s most noteworthy achievement was the award for “Best Regatta” which was given to the Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta. Each day Deltaville continues to prove its name as the boating capital of the Chesapeake. Deltaville Boatyard and Marina take pride in the big name our small town has made for itself in the boating industry.

Sean Stuart receives an award for:

Outstanding Small Engine Sales
presented by: Mack Boring Parts & Co.


Deltaville Boatyard Ranked Number One in Yanmar Small Engine Sales

March 16, 2013, Deltaville, VA – Mack Boring and Parts Company awarded Deltaville Boatyard the “Outstanding Yanmar Small Engine Sales” Achievement Award for the highest number of small engines sold through the Mack Boring Company in 2012.

“We are honored to have earned this achievement award for outstanding small engine sales. We take pride in ensuring that our technicians have the most current training in Yanmar and ABYC certifications to provide quality work for our customers.” stated Keith Ruse, owner of Deltaville Boatyard. “Our technicians and project managers have put a lot of effort into quality Yanmar engine sales and installations last year. We look forward to continuing this momentum in 2013.”

Deltaville Boatyard is titled a Yanmar Repower Center and is a Gold Dealer for Yanmar engines, specializing in diesel engine installations. Seven technicians are certified in Yanmar engine maintenance and installation with certification including: Yanmar basic and advanced small and medium engines as well as Yanmar electrical engines. In addition, about fourteen technicians are American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) certified as well. Deltaville Boatyard has established its name as a trusted and knowledgeable boatyard performing quality installation and repair, especially with Yanmar Engines.

Deltaville Boatyard is an ABYC Standards Certified yacht repair facility located in the Boating Capital of the Chesapeake. Deltaville Boatyard invests in their technicians by training by factory representatives, ABYC trainers, and marine consultants such as Steve D’Antonio.



Deltaville Boatyard Employees Continue Education at Beneteau Academy

March 22, 2013, Deltaville, VA – Deltaville Boatyard puts a high value on the education of all employees, from managers to technicians, in order to provide high quality and knowledgeable repairs, maintenance, and customer service. Starr Pullman and Neal Hoar continued this tradition through graduation of the Beneteau Academy on March 14, 2013. The Beneteau Academy is a two-day intensive course in sales and technical information regarding Beneteau boats and systems. The course includes a full tour of the Beneteau boat building facilities and daily learning experiences from the vendors and builders themselves. By the end of the course, graduates of the academy gain unique knowledge of technical and sales information, including: correct repairs of the vessel and systems, maintenance schedules, proper care of a Beneteau vessel, vendor information, and sales points exclusive to Beneteau boats.

“It was a great opportunity and a rich learning experience.” stated Starr Pullman, project manager for Deltaville Boatyard.

The Beneteau Academy was an important training step for our project manager and technician. Deltaville Boatyard performs repair and maintenance on about 30 Beneteau boats yearly. The yard also supports Annapolis Yacht Sales in Deltaville, a sales representative for Beneteau boats, by coordinating and performing maintenance and repairs on the vessels for sale and post-sale. Yearly, Deltaville Boatyard send about twenty employees to educational opportunities and certifications in order to provide the knowledgeable and high quality service to customers.

Deltaville Boatyard is an ABYC Standards Certified yacht facility located in Deltaville, the Boating Capital of the Chesapeake Bay. Deltaville Boatyard invests in their technicians by training by factory representatives, ABYC trainers, and marine consultants such as Steve D’Antonio.

Project Manager, Starr Pullman, and ABYC Master Technician, Neal Hoar, attended the Beneteau Academy on March 13 and 14, 2013 to continue the wide range of knowledge at Deltaville Boatyard.


Jackson Creek Outfitters Offers Unique Activities by Chesapeake Bay

Click Here For Our Website

April 15, 2013, Deltaville, Va - Excitement has been stirring in Middlesex County with the official announcement of Jackson Creek Outfitters in Deltaville, Virginia. Young entrepreneurs Heidi Ruse and Caitlin Blankenship have created a new establishment within the tourism industry in Middlesex County. Jackson Creek Outfitters will offer kayak rentals, paddleboat rentals, small sailboat rentals, eco tours, and fishing guide services on the idyllic Jackson Creek, located between the Rappahannock and Piankatank Rivers. With serene views, various wildlife, and less than a mile from the Chesapeake Bay, Jackson Creek is an unparalleled location for rental and tour services.

Jackson Creek Outfitters will be located at Deltaville Marina. This area is about a mile from town and within walking distance to the Deltaville Maritime Museum. Deltaville Marina offers year around permanent and transient slips, fuel, pump-out, bathrooms, laundry room, pool, and ship store. It is also a pet friendly location. Jackson Creek Outfitters will provide unique activities and experiences for those both visiting and living in the Deltaville Area.

Deltaville Marina is a full-service marina located on Jackson Creek in Deltaville, Virginia. For information about Deltaville Marina as well as the new Jackson Creek Outfitters please call 804-776-9812 or visit our website at


Entrepreneurs Heidi Ruse and Caitlin Blankenship at Jackson Creek Outfitters in Deltaville, Virginia.


Deltaville Boatyard Now An Outer Reef Yachts Service Center

Deltaville Boatyard has been recently named by Outer Reef Yachts as an authorized service provider. 

"In an effort to continually enhance Outer Reef ownership experience, Outer Reef Yachts is happy to announce a new association with Deltaville Boatyard, in Deltaville VA, at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay. DBY has been authorized to provide Outer Reef clients with expedited warranty service when required.  As well, DBY provides many services at very competitive prices that Outer Reef Yacht owners may wish to afford themselves of when cruising this area.  Outer Reef clients will receive expedited personal service for either warranty or general service from DBY's highly qualified ABYC-certified staff," said Jeff Druek Outer Reef Yachts President and CEO. 


"We are extremely proud to be named an official Outer Reef service center for the southern Chesapeake Bay," stated Matthew Holloway, Deltaville Boatyard Vice President of Operations. "We look forward to taking care of all Outer Reef Yacht owners and exceeding their expectations." 

"Outer Reef Yachts is an outstanding company with a solid-reputation that builds one of the highest-quality cruising yachts on the market. Their philosophy of constant improvement and uncompromising customer satisfaction matches Deltaville Boatyard's guiding principles," said DBY President Keith Ruse.


Best of the Bay 2012

Deltaville Boatyard and Deltaville Marina were named for some of the best boating services on the Bay! An annual survey established by Chesapeake Bay Magazine, subscribers and Bay enthusiasts have a chance nominate their favorite places in and around the Bay. Deltaville Boatyard topped the categories for Best Boatyard, Best Engine Work, Best Mom and Pop Marina and more. Click here to read the full story and see the detailed list of all winners.


West Marine Opens SuperCenter in Deltaville

West Marine hosted their Grand Opening in mid July of their new 20,000 square foot Supercenter in the heart of Deltaville.

As many know, West Marine has successfully operated two separate retail stores in the Deltaville market for several years; it only makes sense to merge the two stores for one central location.  The new West Marine Supercenter will be twice the size of the two current retail stores combined.  Plans are to expand most all of its departments including fishing supplies, maintenance and repair parts, sailing supplies and materials, navigation and communication electronics, clothing and others.


West Marine's expansion into this growing market is recognition of Deltaville as a major hub in the yachting industry. The positive economic impact from the marine industry in the Deltaville and surrounding area is undisputed. It's easy to understand why West Marine would expand in Deltaville when you consider over 10,000 seasonal recreational and commercial boaters make their home base in Deltaville and Middlesex County. No doubt these boaters need the products and services of West Marine as well as the rest of the marine industry.

Jackson Creek Dredging

September 2011 - The dredging of the Jackson Creek channel is completed. The dredging project, performed by Harbor Dredge and Dock out of Richmond, VA, removed approximately 5000 cubic yards of spoil. Excavators extracted the spoil, then barges loaded with about 50 cubic yards each were pushed to Deltaville Boatyard where they were emptied with another excavator and loaded
onto dump trucks.

The project covered about 300 linear feet of the channel in the vicinity of the dog leg, between day markers red 2 and green 7. The width of the channel has been increased to approximately 60-80 feet and a depth of 9 feet at MLW (mean low water).

Be sure to check out the new Jackson Creek webcam, for a live view of the channel. Click here.



Our New 75ton Travel Lift


Deltaville Boatyard unveils new 75-ton marine travel lift.  With a beam capacity of 25 feet, the new behemoth lift will handle the longer, heavier and wider boats, that are becoming a growing portion of the recreational boating industry. To read more, click here



Jackson Creek = No Discharge Zone


The Commonwealth of Virginia has designated Jackson Creek, Broad Creek and Fishing Bay as no discharge areas. This means the pumping out sewage, treated or untreated, is strictly prohibited.

Deltaville Marina on Jackson Creek has been offering free pump out services since 2008.


What Customers Are Saying About DBY

  "We had our 49' Krogen Express at DBY for almost a year for a major upgrade with over 60 different project orders; some projects were complex and technically challenging. Keith Ruse worked directly with us on a personal basis, including frequent consultation with marine consultant Steve D'Antonio. Keith believes in training on a large scale and has one of, if not the highest number of ABYC certifications for his staff than any comparable or even larger yards on the East Coast. Their quality is outstanding. Their follow up after the sale is excellent and their warranty worth every penny. This operation understands customer service, does a great job, backs up their work, goes the extra mile, and will always be our yard as long as we own our boat." ~m/v Coconuts, Owners Bru and Sandy Brubaker
"We want to thank DBY for our wonderful experience while here at the boatyard. For almost 6 weeks, we have been doing a refit on our boat, and having the crew onboard to upgrade and repair numerous items on Sojourner. Thank you, Keith and Matt for having such a great place to complete our boat work, and for your very professional and competent staff of mechanics and a great office people." -s/v Sojourner, Owners Rick and Linda Clayton
  "I just wanted to tell you that Deltaville Boatyard is the best I've ever been to. Please pass on to Stu my heartfelt thanks for his hard work and willingness to discuss and demonstrate everything he said he did on Bay Dreamer. Thanks again." -s/v Bay Dreamer
  "The yard did excellent work and I suffered no anxiety or false promises, and that is a new treat in my years at many a boatyards." -m/v Parisea, Bertram 31' and s/v Layla, Rhodes 44', Butch Ball
  "A note of thanks to you and your fellow workers on an enjoyable stay at the Deltaville Marina and Boatyard. We will be back in the Spring!" -s/v Celtic Cross
  "Thanks so much for the excellent job you and your well qualified technicians did on Arcadia. You certainly exceeded expectations. I have never experienced a yard that was so conscientious about the quality of work AND in taking care of my boat while she was in your care. All the warranty repairs were well done. High praise to Stanley, his work was excellent and he was committed to 'doing it right'.  I certainly will recommend your yard to others, and will look to your for my future repair needs." -m/v Arcadia, Selene 53'
  "Matt, Thank you so much for including us at your customer appreciation event! We enjoyed spending time with your fine crew. It was our first but certainly won't be our last. Again, many thanks."  -s/v Bacchus, Bristol 40'  

If you have comments you'd like to share please let us know! (click here)


Yanmar Repowers



As a Yanmar Gold Dealer, we specialize in Yanmar diesel engine repowers.
See our current projects to read more and view photos.


The Re-Power Center

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